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  • Up to 7 consecutive days covered
  • Work, School or University
  • Appointments available Monday to Friday

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Dr Jimmy?

Dr Jimmy is an Australian-trained GP who is based in Melbourne, Victoria.

He has been practising medicine since 2011 (GP since 2013), and has been involved in educating and examining GP trainees and medical students.

He is registered with AHPRA as a Specialist General Practitioner and is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP).

His special interests include:

  • online medicine
  • mental health
  • sexual health
  • health promotion, coordination and patient advocacy

His clinic details can be found here should you wish to see him in person.

Are your services covered by Medicare?

Our services are completely private and are not covered by Medicare.

How is my data protected?

We believe that prevention is better than cure. We therefore do not ask for logins or passwords and do not store any of your personal details on our website.

Instead, data collected when you make a booking (including payment details) is handled by Halaxy which is the online clinical software we use to conduct our services.

They have "256-bit bank grade security and encryption", which means your "records, notes, and payment information are protected to the same level required by banks".

Can I get a Medical Certificate for yesterday?

You will need to get a Backdated Medical Certificate.

Can doctors backdate Medical Certificates?

According to the Australian Medical Association (AMA) guidelines , the term "backdate" can have two distinct meanings:

  • First meaning: changing the date that a certificate is issued or written to a previous date (strictly prohibited)
  • Second meaning: certifying that the patient was unfit for work prior to the date that they were seen or assessed (consistent with guidelines)

Certificates must be dated on the day on which they are written. The terms "backdate" or "backdated" used by us will therefore always refer to the second meaning.

See Backdated Medical Certificate.

What is a Backdated Medical Certificate?

A Backdated Medical Certificate certifies that you were unfit for work prior to the date that you were seen or assessed. It is issued after careful consideration of your circumstances.

This is not to be confused with the issue date of the certificate, which is the date on which the certificate is written. This date cannot be backdated or forward dated.

You are eligible if:

  • you had a minor short-term illness from which you have already recovered
  • the duration of your illness did not exceed 7 consecutive days
  • there are no concerns raised by Dr Jimmy

See how to get a Backdated Medical Certificate here.

How to get a Backdated Medical Certificate?

Step 1 - Eligibility

Check that you are eligible for a Backdated Medical Certificate.

Step 2 - Select Appointment Type

Click on "BOOK NOW", which will take you to our online bookings page.

Select the Backdated Medical Certificate option.

Step 3 - Select Appointment Time

Choose an appointment time that suits you.

Step 4 - Enter Your Details

Enter your name as you would like it to appear on the certificate and verify that your email address is correct.

Step 5 - Complete Intake Form

Complete the online intake form. This can be done either via a link on the final page once your booking is confirmed or via a link sent to your email.

This step is mandatory. You will need to provide details of your medical condition.

Step 6 - Live Chat Consultation

At your appointment time, you will need to initiate a live chat consultation by sending Dr Jimmy a message via:

  • either the online live chat feature on our website (click on the chat bubble icon)
  • OR WhatsApp (link provided in the booking confirmation email). WhatsApp is preferable as it allows Dr Jimmy to continue the consultation in case of any delays or interruption.

Further information will be provided to you once the consultation begins. There will be no telephone calls unless Dr Jimmy has arranged this with you beforehand.

If you have missed your appointment, you may try again at the next appointment session or initiate a consultation on WhatsApp and wait for Dr Jimmy to respond when he is free. The current appointment sessions are:

  • 10AM (from 10-11am Melbourne time)
  • 2PM (from 2-3pm Melbourne time)

Step 7 - Get Certificate

If there are no concerns, you will receive your Backdated Medical Certificate in your email. That's it!

What does a Priority Consult include?

When you book a Priority Consult, Dr Jimmy will arrange a time to consult you when it suits you.

He offers all GP services that can be safely delivered online. These include, but are not limited to:

  • after hours service (including weekends and public holidays)
  • providing medical advice
  • counselling
  • coordinating, planning and managing your health care
  • providing a letter of support or completing special consideration forms for your university/school (ID required)
  • issuing extended/customised medical certificates when appropriate
  • issuing online prescriptions (such as for UTIs, the contraceptive "birth-control" pill, etc. please see online prescriptions)
  • requesting pathology (lab) and radiology (imaging) tests, and discussing the results with you
  • providing specialist referrals
  • liaison - connecting with specialists, and other health professionals, on your behalf where necessary to optimise your health care

Dr Jimmy is passionate about all areas of general practice and brings a holistic approach to health care. Find out more about him here.

Can I get online prescriptions if I don't have a Medicare card?

Yes. However, you will need to provide us with your Individual Health Identifier (IHI) which can be obtained from IHI - Services Australia .